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WordPress is the most widely-used CMS building platform in the world today, WordPress is an excellent tool for almost any site.

Selecting an appropriate theme

With guidance from our WordPress Experts, your site or your blog utilizes the modern and the best possible WordPress theme

Installing the correct plugins

Our WordPress Experts even help you avoid the hassle and uncertainty of plugin selection and installation. They make sure you've got the best plugins for your website.

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Pick the hosting plan that's right for you and let our Aves Pro experts provide the help you need to get started.



Whether you're a seasoned tech pro or just starting your online journey, Aveshost is here to support you every step of the way. Have a question about our web hosting services, domain registration, or any other aspect of your online presence? Don't hesitate to reach out!

Frequently Asked Questions

For all Aveshost customers looking to leverage the power, simplicity and flexibility of WordPress but aren't sure how to get started, Aveshost provides a free service that assists with getting started on the right track. Aves Pro is designed to help each customer with getting familiar with WordPress dashboard, as well as help customers select the correct theme and plugins for their website needs. You will work with WordPress Experts to learn the basic features of WordPress so that you can start building your ideal website or blog quickly and correctly.

Our WordPress Expert will align with you on common WordPress themes that are best suited for your websites type. For example, if you are running a personal blog website, the expert will demonstrate common blog themes for you to choose from. Or if your website is a corporate, portfolio, the WordPress expert will assist you with selecting the theme that best fits your style.

Depending on what functionality you want your website to have, our WordPress experts will walk you through a variety of options and recommend plugins that are stable and secure. There are many plugins available for WordPress users, Aves Pro helps you narrow down which ones are right for your website by working with you directly and showing you which plugins are proven to be effective.

    After creating Aveshost account, simply contact our 24/7 support team via +233 (0)54 179 3553 or use our live chat and ask to begin your Aves Pro. Our team is ready to get you started with WordPress, and will be able to assist with navigating the Aveshost and WordPress dashboards, as well as assist you with selecting the right themes and plugins for your WordPress website.