WHOIS Domain Lookup

Discover all the essential details about any domain name.

Check domain name availability

Check domain name availability

Aveshost’s WHOIS search tool lets you verify the availability of your chosen domain name. If it's available, you can immediately use our domain checker to purchase it for your site.

Check domain name availability

Find a Domain Name Owner

If your desired domain name is taken, use our WHOIS lookup service to access all publicly available information about the current registrar and website owner, including their name and contact details.

Check domain name availability

See the Domain Expiration Date

Find out when a domain name is set to expire. This will give you the chance to secure a great domain as soon as it becomes available, should the current owner choose not to renew.

What Is the WHOIS
Lookup Tool?

Aveshost's WHOIS lookup tool provides the latest data from the official WHOIS domain database. You can use it to obtain information about a domain's registrant as often as you need, all for free.

How Does It Work?

Whenever someone registers a domain name, they must submit their information to Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN). Some of this information is available in the public database and can be accessed using our lookup services.


WHOIS Frequently Asked Questions

What is a WHOIS domain lookup?

A WHOIS domain lookup is a search tool that provides information about a domain name, including the registrant's details, registration dates, and the domain's status.

What is a Whois IP lookup?

A WHOIS IP lookup is a tool that allows you to retrieve information about the owner of a specific IP address. This type of lookup provides details about the organization or individual to whom the IP address is registered, along with additional information such as the registrar, contact details, and geographical location.

How do I perform a WHOIS lookup?

You can perform a WHOIS lookup using various online tools, such as Aveshost’s WHOIS search tool. Simply enter the domain name you want to look up.

What information can I find with a WHOIS lookup?

A WHOIS lookup can provide details such as the domain registrant's name, contact information, registration and expiration dates, registrar details, and name server information.

Can I hide my personal information in a WHOIS lookup?

Yes, many registrars offer WHOIS privacy protection services that replace your personal information with the registrar's contact details.

What should I do if my desired domain name is taken?

If your desired domain name is taken, use the WHOIS lookup to find the current owner's information and consider contacting them to inquire about purchasing the domain.

Why are some entries hidden in my WHOIS domain lookup?

Some entries in your WHOIS domain lookup may be hidden due to privacy protection services that mask personal information, compliance with data protection laws like GDPR, registrar policies, ICANN specifications, and to prevent misuse such as spam or phishing attacks.

How can I use WHOIS to check domain availability?

WHOIS lookup tools can help you check if a domain name is available by showing its registration status. If the domain is not found in the WHOIS database, it is likely available.

What does it mean if a domain is in the "redemption period" in a WHOIS lookup?

Yes, a WHOIS lookup provides the domain's expiration date, which can help you monitor and potentially register the domain if the current owner does not renew it.

Can WHOIS lookup help me find out when a domain expires?

A WHOIS lookup can provide details such as the domain registrant's name, contact information, registration and expiration dates, registrar details, and name server information.